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 Effective January 1st, 2023, my performance rates have gone up. If you already booked prior to that date, your current rate still stands, Thank you, Bill

I can perform for Cocktail Hours, Happy Hours, Dinners, Adult Birthdays, Anniversaries, Restaurants, Wine Bars, Coffee Houses, Music Festivals, Rehearsal Dinners, Brunches, Holiday Events, Memorial Services, Pool Parties, Backyard Parties & B.B.Q's
Small Receptions and even Beach Parties
(with proper permits)

I have a battery operated system for locations where electricity is not available.
I perform a wide selection of songs from Acoustic Blues, Oldies, Music from the 1950's and up.
Classic Rock
, Originals and more.
Call us for more details regarding Events
@ (904) 240-9816
Most important before booking an act for your event, Make sure you inquire about the style of music you are looking for first. Not everybody plays everything.

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